The start 

My very First DREAM


Well hello there world, Im Marlene and this ofcourse is my FIRST BLOG EVER!! I wanted to start out by introducing my self Im a normal girl from the boogie down bronx and I have a DREAM. Like literally thats why im starting this blog , Ive always had dreams.. Dreams that seem like they can be made into movies ,books or maybe even real history depend on the dream. As some people i don’t remember most of my dreams but when I do I dont even have to write them down they leave imprints in my mind. I have done so much in my 24 years that have shaped who I am and I believe im a writter im totally suppose to be a writter and what better place to start then to start a blog. My very first dream that I can say I have remember for years maybe 4 or 5 years now… A little after the movie SUCKER PUNCH came out…i was ofcourse sent to a similar place for behaving badly at home and it starts with my mother visting me she snook in a telephone so that I can keep in contact with her well i used that phone for other reasons I was mad that she put me there so it wasnt to contact her it was to save this little girl. Her name well what she called her self was midget , midget was a tuff cookie but obviously very short, even shorter then myself..it was an all girls home and in that dream was a girl whom i used to crush on in middle school her name is maya. maya and her friends would pick on midget before I got there but I became her WATCHER I shared not a room but a sell thats right we were put into sells.I remember in the dream myself and midget would sit on the roof ans watch trains pass by wondering if we could possibly use them one day to escape..well one day i guess in the dream midget took a shower I sat outside and waited the lights flicker off and on by the time they came back on the girls plus maya were beating midget up i jumped to the rescue and ofcourse guards came put me and midget into our sell and the other girls went on about their day till one guard a fat chubby man, he came in and tied me up and began to rape midget I was trying so hard crying so much with snot and everything i finally broke free and grabbed a wooden stake from where I got it i have no idea and tried to use it on the guard but he got it from me and stab midget and ran I was so afraid i pulled the stake out and just kept telling her she was alright that she will be fine and her words to me was NOBODY CAN TAKE DOWN MIDGET i carried her to the roof and waited for one of those trains i screamed and begged for them to stop they did it was an Black older man and young girl maybe his daughter I told them to get her to safety and take care of her by the time the train pulled off the guards came and dragged me back into the building..i recorded everything with the phone my mother gave me in the beginning but then I woke up..Point being this was the first dream I  felt could become a movie..please do not copy any of my ideas i just want to share.. Thanks you guys comment and reply any thoughts


The End

Marlene you have been doing this for the past 4 years..Im waking up..what have i been doing for the past 4 years? i see things moving im in motion but i dont understand whats happening..A video their showing me a video of me pace back and forth while im pacing back and forth..she is following me showing me exacrly what ive been doing for the past 4 years..im confused whats going on?? .i have wires connected i hear a noise in the background i cant look to see what it is but she tells me its a heart monoter..my heart is slowing down thump thump thump thump..whats going on?? Whats happening??..marlene im sorry to tell you this but your dying..your sick and have been sick for years but just 4 years ago you started to pace back and forth we couldnt stop you..you would stop go to sleep,we would wash you up but you go back to pacing again you havent responed to us in years.. Who is us? They start to pace with me one by one my family my old friends they look so much older then what i remember…the doctors didnt know what was wrong..wait what i dont understand wheres my mother?? They responed she died 3 years ago but she loved you so much marlene…nooo what are you saying whats going on this cant be happening? Im breathing hard trying to catch my breath…is okay marlene your not alone is okay just breath..its becoming harder to breather my body is slowing down…wait this cant be happening i cant be dying, why cant i remember? I have so many questions this cant be happening…I hear crying screaming…why wont she stop pacing shes slowing down but she still pacing..my body has stoped im dying im really dying..im stiff my body is stiff..just relax marlene their laying me down just breath relax…its dark i think im dead no i cant be dead i open my eyes again im not dead oh god its just a dream..relax marlene let go baby its gonna be alright…oh god no its not a dream im really dying im sorry im so sorry…i cant feel my body i cant move oh god no please my eyes are closing again…My memories since i was little i see them…theirs a voice marlene you have always wondered what it felt like to die your dead this is what you see your whole life in a flash over and over again…am i really dead? does this really happen over and over again? yes marlene forever we all see different things im not sure how long ive been dead but i see my life flash over and over…whats your name? Who are you? Im really dead!!

Why blog??

I havent  post in a few days but i wanted to share why i started to blog in the first place. Its obvious I want to blog about dreams, my dreams can be so vivid and real they focus sometimes on my fears. One fear is somebody throwing up on me. So one dream I can remember is, it seem to be in the “past” but it has never happen my brother he is not much of a drinker so he gets sick after a couple drinks so my dream was When my brother was living with my mother and I. I lately been fixing my home not in the way i was in the dream in my dream i was cleaning just straighting up make it look nice and neat my brother ofcourse comes in really drunk throwing up i took him to the bathroom and what does he do turn his face towards me and throws up all over me GROSS right well he thought it was funny!!!! So i run i lock my self in my room and continue to clean he is breaking down my door so i start packing my things to run out the house he gets in a trys to throw up on me again, i start to beat him punch him scratch him up but its seem like im not doing anything he is laughing so he continues to try and throw up on me then we wind up being in a far place maybe like hollywood or something fancy my home is beautiful im sharing it with him, he is my room mate and the same thing happens all over again. He came home drunk throwing up and throws up right on top of my head terrible..i woke up it was such a weird dream my purpose in start this dream blog is to see if people can help me interpet my dreams and if they want to share their dreams with me. Thank You enjoy


The Run Aways

About a month ago I had a dream, im not sure who these people were or are but i feel like this can go down in the history book but it was a “family” 3 teenage girls african american light skin and one older black man. After i have this dream i made up a story to how they got there but thats for another post.. So not sure how my dream began but heres what i do remember the girls were talking to each other making sure dinner was cooked for this man who may be their father again not sure but they are making dinner and talking amongst each other on how they were going to runaway they way they were speaking i could tell they were country and not educated. As if this was back in the days when blackes werent allowed in school and allowed to be educated..so the oldest in my story I call her Kiana she was saying im sure Mr. Would let us go he lets us go every other weekend to make money for him anyways and this is how we gon do it we gon tell Mr. That we going to his brother house and do some farming to make some money and relax its her birthday amyways we have to do it now or she be just like the rest of us. Im assumimg the her is brown youngest of the sisters they were all different shades of brown. I call the youngest shine and obvisouly Mr is the man they live with i dont know where the mother is but i assume they are being abused by this man and made to work for him and they seemed scared so work for him only to give him the money. I assume they were being sexual assaulted by this mad he was tall black and had a beer belly he looked gross. Anyways the middle sister i call her june goes in the room sits on the mans bed and askes him if they can go up to the brothers to work and he said yes but they had to leave today and be back on sunday so the girl leave the room. The other 2 were listening and already packing, they packed the main things that they usually took at first to trick him. Cloths, panties, shoes and what made me feel a bit weird is how my dream seemed old but they pack on pair of timberland boots so i found that odd.. Anyways back to packing their packing,  looking at a map ,checking on Mr. Then Mr comes out and tells them to behave now that he was going to work. They cleaned the house and once he left they packed all their things every thing they had and some of Mr. Things too. Money wise things they could sell some of his stash money and they left. The oldest drove a car their car or Mr. Not sure, the youngest shine sat in the back while kiana and june were in front. Kiana was driving and june was looking at the map and thats where my dream ended.